What is a stretch hood?
A stretch hood is a modern way of pallet packing. It is tube of 3-layer sleeve film sealed on one end, which is stretched over a pallet to secure the contents. It has high elasticity, due to the middle layer ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA), so the stretch hood can stretch as a stocking, then shrink and hold the load firmly on a pallet. This is important when transporting goods over long distances.

The advantages of stretch hood over shrink and stretch film:

  • The greatest strength, stiffness and best seal of the pallet. Five-sided protection against moisture, dirt, UV rays. Highest load stability to ensure against damage.
  • The highest speed of automatic pallet packaging (up to 100 pallets per hour vs 60 pallets for stretch wrap)
  • Reducing costs (staff costs, logistics, low maintenance costs for stretch-hood packaging equipment, etc.) are reduced.
  • Stretch-hood has a high transparency, which allows you to easily read the text through the film, as well as read barcodes


Packing of washing machines, gas stoves, refrigerators, packing of building and finishing materials (tiles, bags with loose materials, brick, plasterboard, blocks, glass, barrels, boxes) etc. 

Film parameters: 

Width: 1350 - 1850 mm

Thickness: 90-120 microns